Rygnarok is a web-based development environment for newsletter and emailing specialists. It starts where template-based solutions stop – by letting developers harness a powerful newsletter building framework to build custom layouts with the best possible efficiency.

Speed and Efficiency

We know how demanding a field like online marketing can be; it does not matter how complex the emailings are that you have to build for your clients: it has to be done fast. Rygnarok was built on those needs, and as such gives you all the tools to work fast and well.

Extensible, Mature Framework

Rygnarôk is made for developers: the framework at its core is intended to facilitate the development of newsletters without any tradeoffs in flexibility. Your developers will have a powerful, mature API at their disposal that is easily extensible to both the needs of your developers and those of your clients.

Quality and Compatibility

Creating newsletters is a trade in its own right, and creating quality layouts compatible with the largest possible panel of email clients is paramount for effective communication. Rygnarôk’s toolset generates optimized code with added functionality to help your developers build solid layouts.

Easy Quality Assurance

Your quality assurance teams will appreciate the dedicated, automatically generated summaries that allow verifying at a glance the links and alternate texts used in a newsletter. Your developers can easily extend these summaries with custom content relevant to your clients. The blocked images preview and local archives make quality assurance a breeze.